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Taking The World By Storm In Style: Canopy By Hilton Locations

Hilton Hotels are unveiling a new line of hotels that will be built in the center of vibrant and culturally-diverse communities. It will be called Canopy by Hilton. There are quite a number of hotels in development, with opening dates ranging from mid-2016, to early 2019. Here are some of the locations where Canopy by Hilton will be built.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This capital of Iceland is also the country’s biggest city, and one of the safest cities in the world. It is rich with culture, and the center of many of Iceland’s major activities, from commerce to governmental. Along with its safety, and low crime rates, Reykjavik has also been heralded as one of the greenest urban areas on Earth.

            Image source: cntraveller.com

Uptown, Dallas

Uptown in Dallas, Texas is a neighborhood just north of downtown Dallas. It is known to be both a great place to live in (albeit a bit pricey), and a tourist-friendly locale. Culturally, the place is rich and diverse. There are hundreds of business establishments that cater to almost anyone who is interested in the arts, history, or just having a good time.

Bricktown, Oklahoma City

Located east of downtown Oklahoma City, in the state of Oklahoma, Bricktown used to be full of warehouses. Today, Bricktown is bustling with activity, with the local community enjoying a lot of establishments built for entertainment and leisure. There are movie theaters, bars and restaurants, and a ballpark.


              Image source: updatedallas.com

Alan Naul and Javelin Group are helping to bring Canopy by Hilton to Uptown Dallas. Learn more about Canopy by Hilton and the Javelin Group by visiting this blog.


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