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Finding the right home care for an obese senior

America has the highest toll of obesity in the world. In only a few decades, the number of adults who are clinically obese has expanded beyond expectation, as public health responses to the obesity pandemic have largely focused on children and adolescents.


Image Source: newyorktimes.com

Health professionals believe that this is the first generation in history that will not outlive its parents. However, it must be noted that the health crisis also extends to the elderly.

Older obese people face more difficulties because their bodies are also affected by age. The conventional combination of exercise and diet at this point needs to be supplemented with assisted care, especially among seniors living in assited care facilities. The real estate industry has recognized how obesity has progressed within the demographic, such that current development focus on creating structures friendly to the obese elderly.

Obesity is considered a disease and many morbidly obese individuals are considered disabled. Assisted living facilities are being built to adjust to such health realities. For families seeking assisted living facilities for their loved ones, choosing the right home is a matter of asking the right questions and looking for features adapted to their loved one’s condition.

The most important consideration is staffing. Obesity is an illness and medical professionals have to be on hand everytime to immediately respond to complications arising from the condition. Families should check with potential homes and ask if the staff are trained in giving care to obese patients.

An ocular of the actual facility comes next. Obese patients have difficulties walking so areas should be wide and accessible to obese elderly.

Local real estate management companies offer the best recommendations for assisted care living. Usually, these companies have in their portfolio several reputable establishments that families can consider.


Image Source: newyorktimes.com

Alan Naul of Javelin Group is an expert in senior living facilities, having managed several real estate assets for the company. Learn more about trends in assited living facilities by following this Twitter account.


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