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Helping hand: The ways technology is assisting in senior care

Because of the continuous advancement of technology, taking care of the elderly has become significantly easier. And the senior care industry needs all the help it can get because the world’s aging population is rapidly growing. Forecast shows that the over-60 population will increase 56 percent faster than the global population.


Image source: consumerreports.org

Some of the ways technology has assisted senior care are the following:

Medical Alert Monitoring

Medical Alert Monitoring, which is also called Emergency Response Monitoring, is a technology that has been in use since the ‘70s. It is a bracelet or necklace that has helped seniors who live alone by allowing them to contact emergency personnel when they need medical assistance.

With the development of global positioning systems, pulse monitoring, and mobile apps, seniors who require immediate help can receive it as efficiently as possible.

Digital medicine dispensers

The conventional horizontal, plastic pill cases with the days of the week labeled on it are being phased out by senior care providers. Instead, automated pill dispensers are being used because it is less prone to human error, plus research has shown that medication is much more effective when it is taken at the exact time it is supposed to be taken than being off by a number of hours.


Image source: walmart.com

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